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Qualification: Locksmith/repairer


Qualification Information

A person who has acquired this qualification: prepares perform general metal fabricating tasks, measures and marks out dimensions, chisels (cuts) steels using cold chisel, cuts steels, bends and performs rolling tasks, straightens steel parts, files and chamfers steels, drills, grinds, gauges and expands steels, performs various threading operations, performs riveting tasks, disassembles various mechanisms and identifies their faults and/or defects, performs tasks such as cutting, turning, milling, drilling and threading using machine tools, repairs framing parts, stands and guides, repairs threaded joints and components of both rotational and linear motion in various mechanisms, repairs hydraulic and pneumatic mechanisms, performs basic brazing, soldering, welding and gluing procedures, performs basic heat treatment and blacksmithing tasks.

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- Visaginas Technology and Business Vocational Education and Training Centre - Vilnius Jeruzale Labour Market Training Centre, Public Institution - Aukstadvaris Agricultural School

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