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Learning Opportunity: Law, M.L.

Law, M.L.

Course Information

Knowledge, skills and competences
Upon conclusion of the program, the student can demonstrate knowledge, skills and competences as stated below:


On completion of the degree of M.L. in law, the student shall:

  • Have a systematic understanding of theories, concepts and methods relating to law.
  • Have a systematic understanding of contemporary Icelandic law.
  • Possess understanding taking into account the most recent developments in law and the most recent academic literature.
  • Have knowledge and a critical theoretical attitude to the subject of his or her M.L. thesis, reflecting the most recent law as well as the most recent academic literature on the subject.


On completion of the degree of M.L. in law, the student shall:

  • Be capable of maintaining his or her knowledge of law, acquiring further knowledge and ensuring that his or her knowledge is kept up to date (for example, by finding and using legal sources and relevant academic writings).
  • Be able to initiate, manage and lead projects in legal research.
  • Be able to engage in legal interpretation and legal reasoning in the context of Icelandic public and private law, appropriately applying different techniques appropriate to different sources of law such as the Icelandic Constitution, statutes and cases.
  • Be able to isolate the most important facts in a case and identify the appropriate law to apply to that situation.
  • Be able to find and critically evaluate Icelandic law and academic legal literature.
  • Be able to utilise his or her research skills, knowledge and understanding of law and his or her legal interpretation and legal reasoning skills to tackle new and unfamiliar legal issues and situations in law.
  • Be able to recognise innovation and developments in law and be able to identify novel legal issues and significant changes of direction in legal norms.
  • Be able to confidently use legal databases.


On completion of the degree of M.L. in law, the student shall:

  • Be able to communicate, clearly and unambiguously, complex theoretical and practical legal information to specialist and nonspecialist audiences, individually or in cooperation with others.
  • Have the necessary learning and research skills, work methods and autonomy to undertake further study at cycle 3, level 5 (doctorate degree).
  • Be prepared to undertake study towards the Bar Exams.
  • Be prepared for practice in the Icelandic legal profession.

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