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Qualification: Law, Doctorate

Law, Doctorate

Qualification Information

 Learning Outcomes for Doctoral Studies in the Faculty of Law at the University of Iceland approved at a Law Faculty Meeting on 27 November 2018


Degree holders possess specialised knowledge within the discipline of law. This entails that holders:

  • possess an extensive and deep understanding of the principal doctrines, fundamental considerations, concepts, and the latest knowledge available
  • have taken the initiative in creating new knowledge through research which passes the test of peer review and scholarly critique
  • have made a novel and significant contribution to knowledge in the relevant field of law


Degree holders are able to apply the specialised methods and practices of a legal specialty. This entails that holders:

  • are able to plan and carry out extensive and complex legal research
  • can make use of critical methods and evaluation in conducting new and complex legal research
  • have applied and developed methods which add to the body of legal knowledge
  • have adopted a critical stance toward legal knowledge


Degree holders are able to apply their knowledge and skills professionally and academically. This entails that holders:

  • can assume responsibility for their own work and that of others
  • show academic independence and initiative
  • can communicate their knowledge effectively to their peers, other scholars and the public
  • are able to participate in critical discussion and can initiate and lead theoretical discourse


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