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Qualification: Language Technology, MA

Language Technology, MA

Qualification Information

1. Knowledge
1.1. Students have general knowledge and comprehension of the major methods applied in mechanical analysis of human speech, and special knowledge of the analysis of either spoken or written language.
1.2. Students have a general knowledge of the sound system, inflectional system and syntax of modern Icelandic, as well as the main language resources available for Icelandic.
1.3. Students have knowledge of the basic aspects of programming and formal grammar and are familiar with the main programming languages used in natural language processing.
1.4. Students are familiar with important matters and problems that are debated in language technology in the international arena.

2. Skills
2.1. Students can process varied information from language resources, categorize them and interpret.
2.2. Students have good command of programming and can write software to take care of certain projects in the field of language technology.
2.3. Students can write synopses and papers for academic conferences and can write articles for publication in journals.
2.4. Students can place the matter they have in hand in context within their academic field, make an independent evaluation of an issue debated in the field and compare their conclusions with those of other academics.

3. Competence
3.1. Students can use their knowledge and skills to take on diverse problems in the field of language technology.
3.2. Students have communication competence and can manage projects in the field of language technology.
3.3. Students can take part in academic debate on issues in the field of language technology while respecting and understanding the views of others.
3.4. Students can present academically argued conclusions on issues within the field of language technology, alone or in cooperation with others and equally to an audience of specialists and to the public.
3.5. Students appreciate the main opportunities for making use of language technology in today's society.
3.6. Students know the main ways to maintain their knowledge and skills and are able to gather new knowledge in their academic field.

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Language Technology

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