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Learning Opportunity: Journalism & New Media

Journalism & New Media

Course Information

The degree programme in Journalism & New Media deals with the challenges of communication and the management of new types of media such as multimedia, social media and online journalism.
The master's programme consists of the subjects of “Topic identification, research and structure”, “Content formats 1 – Online Journalism”, “Content formats 2 – Interview and Portrait”, “Content formats 3 – Report, Coverage and Feature”, “Content formats 4”, “Print Media”, “Visual Communication for Print and Multimedia”, “Digital Journalism Bootcamp“, “New Media Trends“, “Social Media”, “Reflection and Criticism”, “Communication and Media Theory”, “Austrian Journalism Culture”, “TV & Video”, “Radio & Audio”, “Multimedia”, “Media Law”, “Copyright”, “Media Research”, “Journalism in the European Context”, “International Media”, “Media Ethics and Leadership Ethics”, “Atelier”, “Media Economics”, “Media Research and Media Planning”, “Leadership Skills for Occupations in the Media”, “Labour and Business Law for Executives” and “master’s thesis seminar”. To complete the programme students have to write a master’s thesis and pass a master’s examination. A semester abroad at one of the partner higher education institutions is possible.

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Journalism & New Media
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4 Semester / 120 ECTS*


Studienbeitrag: EUR 363,36/Semester


4 Semester / 120 ECTS*

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FHW – Fachhochschul-Studiengänge Betriebs- und Forschungseinrichtungen der Wiener Wirtschaft GmbH

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Master of Arts in Social Sciences, MA