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Qualification: Journalism and Mass Communication, Postgraduate Diploma

Journalism and Mass Communication, Postgraduate Diploma

Qualification Information

Upon completion of the diploma program the student can demonstrate knowledge, skills and competence as listed below. This means that the student is able to:


  • describe and explain main theories and concepts in media studies.
  • understand the ethical demands placed on the media in regards to fairness, accuracy and respect.
  • acquire knowledge of the characteristics and methods of different types of media, their advantages and disadvantages.


  • use his/her knowledge and understanding in the daily work as journalist.
  • write clearly and present content clearly and intelligibly
  • apply his/her understanding of the characteristics of different kinds of media and prepare content accordingly.
  • perform his/her work adequately and in an organized manner. S/he can meet deadlines and complete projects fast and securely when need be.


  • independently and professionally define a journalistic subject, initiate a story and present it with the public’s interest at heart.
  • make use of his/her knowledge of media law and journalistic ethics to do professional work in a fair, reliable and etical way.
  • work independently but also in a team.
  • developed the necessary learning skills and independent work methods to be able to continue his/her academic studies, maintain his/her knowledge and add to it.

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Journalism and Mass Communication

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