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Qualification: Japanese Language and Culture, Diploma

Japanese Language and Culture, Diploma

Qualification Information


Upon graduation diploma holders possess knowledge of the field. This entails:

  • A good insight into Japanese culture and its cultural position within Asia.
  • An extensive knowledge of cultural traditions and customs that have greatly formed modern day Japanese society.
  • Basic knowledge of the Japanese language.
  • Understanding of the different methods available to sustain acquired comprehension and knowledge, and are capable of attaining further knowledge in his/her field of research.


Upon graduation students can apply the methods and procedures of the field. This entails that they:

  • have acquired the necessary cultural literacy to function socially within a Japanese environment
  • Are able to connect historical events and traditions to modern time


Upon graduation students can apply their knowledge and skills in a practical way in their profession and/or further studies. This entails that they: 

  • Possess the cultural literacy to be able to move on to further studies within Japanese culture and possess enough of the basics of the language to be able to build upon that with further study or self-study.
  • Can utilise the spoken language for basic interactions and communications, and be aware of protocol and etiquette.

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Japanese Language and Culture

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