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Qualification: IT-Entwickler (Geprüfter) (Certified IT Systems Manager)/IT-Entwicklerin (Geprüfte) (Certified IT Systems Manager)

IT-Entwickler (Geprüfter) (Certified IT Systems Manager)/IT-Entwicklerin (Geprüfte) (Certified IT Systems Manager)

Qualification Information

Type of qualification

This qualification is a nationwide standardised advanced vocational training. Vocational education and training in Germany has a multi-level system of advanced vocational training qualifications which are regulated in a nationally standardised manner. Within the scope of regulated advanced training, three advanced training levels are differentiated with regard to competence requirements and the associated differing areas of possible company deployment. They usually require completion of a vocational qualification (in a recognised training occupation and/or recognised advance vocational training) or evidence of a comparable qualification. This then serves as the basis of the qualifications. Those completing the qualifications are equipped for the autonomous and responsible assumption of demanding tasks. 

The qualification type of Operative Professional forms the second level of the IT continuing training system pursuant to the IT Advanced Training Ordinance. The qualifications (such as certified It developer or certified IT consultant) provide preparation for the assumption of middle management positions with human resources and budgetary responsibility. Those completing the qualification have a significantly expanded scope of responsibility compared to the specialist profiles.

Those completing the qualification are in possession of competences relating to self-management and process management. The professional competences acquired encompass aspects such as analysis, evaluation and implementation of user requirements, stipulation of basic overall design and selection of suitable platforms including hardware, software, operating system, database and communication and network. Those completing the qualification are in possession of competences for the planning, processing and evaluation of comprehensive professional tasks and problems and of competences for autonomous management of processes within their field of occupational activity. Alongside professional competence, they also have a high degree of management, team and communicative expertise.

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Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Access requirements: 

The prerequisite for admission to the advanced training examination is usually completion of advanced training leading to the qualification of IT specialist and professional practice. Persons who are able to submit certificates or otherwise credibly demonstrate that they are in possession of the necessary qualifications may also be admitted to the examination.

Ways to acquire: 

Work process-oriented continuing training is an essential element of the IT continuing training system. This takes place in the form of projects within the company. Continuing training takes place via self-directed study at the company and via preparatory courses at training establishments where necessary. The duration of the continuing training is not stipulated and may therefore vary. The usual duration via the self-directed study route is approximately 14 months. Preparatory courses undertaken on a part-time basis may last for 18 months.