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Learning Opportunity: International business

International business

Course Information

Objective(s) of a study programme:
The International Business study programme aims to nurture international business professionals who are aware of and able to apply in practice the principles of the establishment and development of socially responsible business in the context of the international business integration and the globalization of markets and are ready to expand their knowledge and improve skills individually or by enrolling to higher cycles of studies.
Learning outcomes:
1. Will be able to analyse and evaluate business risks and make strategic solutions of business development and expansion in international markets, taking into account the specifics of a particular economic system and the trends of market integration;
2. Will be able to use modern methods of data analysis and decision-making procedures to conduct the analysis of business enterprise and its environment;
3. Will be able to adopt and implement the decisions influencing the performance results of companies and organisations in domestic and international markets;
4. Will be able to apply the principles of modern business and communication management, business ethics and social responsibility in the process of organising and administrating the activities of the company or organisation;
5. Will be able to use and manage business resources and tools (human, financial, material, marketing, etc.), comply with legislation that regulate business activities:
6. Will be able to choose appropriate forms of intercultural communication and negotiation strategies and tactics.
Activities of teaching and learning:
The study programme focuses on problem-based teaching and learning methods by applying the analysis of practical examples, the independent individual and group tasks, discussions, simulations (role plays, action analysis within simulated situations). The problem-based teaching and learning methods contribute to the development of knowledge and skills through students’ participation, teamwork, information gathering, analysis, required for solving the problems, setting the goals and planning, organising, evaluating the activities. The study programme applies these methods: information search, literature reading, preparation and delivery of presentations (speaking, communication simulations).
Methods of assessment of learning achievements:
The assessment of developed students' knowledge and skills will be based on written and oral examinations, professional practice, case analysis, written works, presentations, project work. The assessment will be based on the student's knowledge and skills in the following areas: identification of problems, collection and interpretation of relevant information, proposal for problem solutions. The students will be assessed continuously during the lectures and seminars by considering the active participation in discussions and creativity.
Study subjects (modules), practical training:
Business English, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Business Mathematics, Business Statistics, Negotiations, Business Ethics and Social Responsibility, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, International Business, Finance Management, Business Law, Strategic Management, Intership, Final Theses.
International Business Management, International Turism Business, International Marketing.
Optional courses:
Business Psychology, International Protocol, Second Foreign language, Leadreship, Sales, Quality Management, Audit et.c.
Distinctive features of a study programme:
The study program is targeted at the development of entrepreneurship, lecturers invite business practitioners to share expertise at their lectures; the final thesis can be devised as a business project; the students with two years of work experience study in a separate group in accordance with a session schedule.

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Minimum education - Secondary



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"ISM University of Management and Economics", JSC
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Provider phone number: +370-5-2123960 Provider email: ism@ism.lt Provider URL: http://www.ism.lt/

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Qualification Awarded:
Bachelor of International Business
Awarding body:

"ISM University of Management and Economics", JSC

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Provider phone number: +370-5-2123960 Provider email: ism@ism.lt Provider URL: http://www.ism.lt/

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Vilniaus m. sav. Vilniaus m. Aušros Vartų g. 7A