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Learning Opportunity: International Business

International Business

Course Information

Objective(s) of the study programme:
To train qualified specialists of international business who are able to plan, organize, manage and control processes of product/service purchasing – sales – logistics in the multicultural and multi-language environment in evaluating current changes and taking reasonable decisions; provide specialists with ability to use sources of information, work in a team, be creative in leadership and critical in assessment company activity results; improve their competencies, train specialists who are socially responsible and motivated for leadership.

Learning outcomes:
1. Knowing the main concepts of management and economics sciences, general trends of Lithuanian and international business, being able to apply main principles of accounting, requirements of accountability related to the activities of the international business company.

2. Analysing complex problems of activities, applying different research methods in analysing the environment, opportunities and changes of international business, preparing reasonable proposals and take decisions.

3. Planning activities of an international business company or its division, implementing strategies of activities, organizing and controlling product/service sales, applying efficient management methods and technologies, principles of logistics, marketing tools to assure efficiency and quality of activities.

4. Preparing documents necessary in the work process according to the requirements of regulations, conventions, and agreements through application of the main legal acts defining international business.

5. Leading negotiations, communicating with business partners and competitors in native and foreign languages orally and in writing in cooperation and communication in intercultural environment.

6. Learning independently in the professional field, understanding moral responsibility for the impact of own activities and results to the society, retaining valuable assumptions of the company to assure personal and company’s image.
Activities of teaching and learning:

Lecture, work in team, case analysis, verbal presentation, discussions, group work, lecture-dialogue, consultations, situation analysis, online learning/distance learning, independent work, practical work, research and analysis, brainstorm, “flash”, internet search, writing reviews and reports, information analysis, doing individual tasks, preparing a report, filling in the assignment of practical training
Methods of assessment of learning achievements:
The course studies are concluded by an exam or a project. Accumulative assessment is applied. The achieved results are assessed in parts. The final assessment consists of the parts of the accumulative assessment (intermediate assessments) and an examination which makes up no less than 60 per cent of the total assessment.
Study subjects (modules), practical training:

General volume of the main direction of studies – 156.
Courses: Information Technology, Mathematics, Statistics, Environmental and Human Safety, Micro-Macroeconomics, Management, Business Foreign language (English), Corporate Finance, Business Correspondence (English), Marketing, Financial Accounting, Business Law, International Marketing, Business Performance Analysis, Sales Management, Basics of Business, E-Commerce, International Trade, Quality Management, International Economics, Customs Technology, Project Management, International Logistics, Corporate Social Responsibility.
Final projects: Practical trainings: cognitive in a real company/ Professional. Final.

Optional courses:

Student can choose:
1. Management Accounting or Consumer Behaviour (3 credits)
2. Optional courses (6 credits).
Distinctive features of a study programme:
The study programme is directed towards formation of professional competences and wide training of general skills, assumption of valuables, intercultural cooperation.
Strengthened studies of foreign languages is directed towards the business field.
The students will have an opportunity to have their practical training not only in Lithuanian enterprises but also in foreign ones with which Alytaus kolegija has signed agreements of cooperation.

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Access requirements: 

Minimum education - Secondary



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Alytus College
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Provider phone number: +370-315-79132 Provider email: rastal@akolegija.lt Provider URL: http://www.akolegija.lt

Qualifications Awarded

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Qualification Awarded:
Professional Bachelor of International Business
Awarding body:

Alytus College

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Provider phone number: +370-315-79132 Provider email: rastal@akolegija.lt Provider URL: http://www.akolegija.lt

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Studentų g. 17, Alytus