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Qualification: Health Information Management, Diploma

Health Information Management, Diploma

Qualification Information

At the conclusion of the programme of applied studies in Health Information Management, the student shall have achieved the following criteria:


  • The student has knowledge in working with data acquisition and statistics, data processing in connection with scientific studies, processing of health information from databases and the mediation thereof and the expertise to compile annual reports for departments and institutions.
  • The student is knowledgeable in all necessary basic computer programs for data processing and report making, such as Word and Excel, and is furthermore proficient in producing written texts and presenting multimedia material.
  • The student has acquired the knowledge to manage health information, knows the structure and practicalities of digital health registration, can receive and understand health information, document and organise registration and work procedures, processes and preservation in relevant databases, respond to messages e.g. regarding staff, requests for health information, complaints and charges, is competent in digital databases and recording systems and able to control accesses into those systems, is able to mediate rules and regulations about the use and handling of medical/health information and is familiar with the management of health information registry systems.
  • The student should also have good knowledge of quality control and inspection of health information and be able to participate in quality development and enhancement.
  • The student has academic knowledge of anatomy, pathology and the foundations of pharmacology, has knowledge and competence in the use of archiving- and coding systems within health institutions, especially ICD-10 and NCSP /NCSP+, knows about information management and case recording systems and has gained skills which will enable them to document accurate health information in English.
  • The student knows the Icelandic Health System and its workings, the working environment of health institutions, is informed about laws and regulations within the health system and current acts and regulations regarding the management and protection of privacy and processing of personal data.
  • The student understands the function of Health Information Technicians within the health system, as well as the functions of other health professions, is competent in interdisciplinary teamwork within the health system and has a clear understanding of what is considered to be acknowledged quality professionalism, knows and follows ethical standards in any dealings with patients and their family members or participants in scientific studies.
  • The student has the skills to acquire new knowledge and follow any developments in the field, can integrate and connect information from various facets of the programme and has achieved independent, critical thought which the student applies to both their studies and work.
  • The student has knowledge of the organisation and teaching within health professions in the application of health registry programmes and other necessary computer systems, and can prepare teaching- and education materials and assist and facilitate in the use of health information programmes and can organise and prepare information meetings.

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Health Information Management

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