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Qualification: Global Studies, Postgraduate Diploma

Global Studies, Postgraduate Diploma

Qualification Information


Upon completing this study, the student can:

  • Show knowledge and understanding of research and scholarly topics within global studies.
  • Explain own solutions in certain areas of global studies.
  • Put new knowledge and contemporary events in a global context.
  • Know different research methods within global studies.


Upon completing their studies, the student can:

  • Participate in discussion about global issues such as migration, multiculturalism, racism and environmental issues and put them into a global context.
  • Understand and tackle complex issues in scholarly context and in work situations.
  • Know how to collect data and analyse research results.
  • Apply their knowledge in work and in interdisciplinary collaboration.
  • Understand research and presentations of research results.


Upon completing the diploma, the student:

  • Has developed necessary study skills and independence to continue in further studies.
  • Can participate in team work and can show due respect and consideration in collaboration with others.
  • Can make independent decisions and explain them.
  • Can explain research results, ideas and problems for specialists and the general public.
  • Can prepare a report about the progress of projects, the main conclusions of an evaluation and propose ideas for improvement.

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Global Studies

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