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Qualification: Geprüfter Zweirad-Servicetechniker - nichtmotorisierte Zweiradtechnik/Geprüfte Zweirad-Servicetechnikerin - nichtmotorisierte Zweiradtechnik

Geprüfter Zweirad-Servicetechniker - nichtmotorisierte Zweiradtechnik/Geprüfte Zweirad-Servicetechnikerin - nichtmotorisierte Zweiradtechnik

Qualification Information

Type of qualification

This qualification is a nationwide standardised advanced vocational training. In the occupational context, vocational education and training in Germany has a multi-level system of advanced vocational training qualifications which are regulated in a nationally standardised manner. Within the scope of regulated advanced training, three levels of advanced training are differentiated. They differ with regard to competence requirements and the associated differing areas of possible company deployment. They require completion of a vocational qualification (in a recognised training occupation and/or recognised advance vocational training) or evidence of a comparable qualification. This then serves as the basis of the qualifications. Those completing the qualifications are equipped for the autonomous and responsible assumption of demanding tasks in companies. 

Certified service technician represents and example of the first level of advanced vocational training and builds on the journeymen qualification. Qualifications at this level expand and consolidate competences acquired in vocational education and training.

Certified service technicians are in possession of competences for the autonomous planning and processing of comprehensive technical professional tasks in the complex, specialised and changing fields of activity. They are able to advise customers in a manner appropriate to the occasion and situation, evaluate and take responsibility for the quality of their work and act autonomously in planning and implementing their individual career pathway.

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Chamber of Crafts and Trades, Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Access requirements: 

The prerequisite is a sufficient level of qualification on the basis of relevant professional experience (successful completion of a qualification in a relevant recognised training occupation in the field of activity) or several years of relevant professional activity in the field of activity.

Ways to acquire: 

Although participation in preparatory courses is not mandatory for admission to the advanced training examination, it is usually the case that such courses are undertaken. Full-time preparatory courses for the advanced training examination are of approximately 2 to 6 months’ duration, courses taken on a part-time basis last for around 6 to 12 months.