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Learning Opportunity: General Basic Education

General Basic Education

Course Information

GBE is one of the modalities of basic education.
It is developed over 9 years of schooling, spread over 3 study cycles:

  • 1º cycle with the duration of 4 years;
  • 2º cycle with the duration of 2 years;
  • 3º cycle with the duration of 3 years.
  • GBE integrates Primary Education (1st and 2nd cycles) and Lower Secundary (3rd cycle).

The EB is of compulsory attendance and aims to ensure a general education common to all students, providing the acquisition of the basic knowledge that allows the continuation of studies.

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Operating regime:Daytime

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Duração de 1 anos.
De 2018-09-01 até 2019-08-31.

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Initial enrollment in the 1st year of Basic Education (BE) is compulsory for all students who complete 6 years of age until September 15 of each calendar year.

Admission to subsequent cycles (2 nd and 3 rd) depends on the completion by the student of the previous cycle or of having equivalent qualifications.

Admission Procedure: 

For information on the admission procedure, please contact the institution directly or consult information on the Institution's website.

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Colégio da Bafureira
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Rua Doutor Camilo Dionísio Álvares, 585

2775 - 373 PAREDE



Geographical coordinates:

Latitude: 38,688263

Longitude: -9,353989

Phone: 214580512

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Rua Doutor Camilo Dionísio Álvares, 585

2775-373 Parede

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