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Qualification: French Studies, Minor

French Studies, Minor

Qualification Information

1. Knowledge and understanding

1.1. Students have mastered the main general concepts in the area of language and culture, economic and national life and history.
1.2. Students have a basic knowledge and understanding of French as a language and the many cultures it reflects.
1.3. Students are able to use their knowledge and understanding in everyday life or in their profession.
1.4. Students possess the skills to make arguments to support their claims and practical solutions in the area of languages.

2. Type of knowledge

2.1. Students have adopted the language as language users and are familiar with the studies on it.
2.2. Students have acquired basic knowledge of the cultural and literary histories of French-speaking nations.

3. Practical skills

3.1. Students are able to understand texts of different types and recognise their direct and indirect meanings.
3.2. Students are able to use the language effectively for social and academic purposes and in an occupational setting.
3.3. Students are able to compose clear, detailed and well-structured texts on various issues.
3.4. Students have displayed their command of words and methods in presenting organised, coherent and easily understandable texts.

4. Theoretical skills
4.1. Students are able to summarise information from a variety of sources, both written and oral, with the reconstruction of arguments and accounts in a coherent manner.
4.2. Students possess the skills to find arguments for theoretical or practical solutions in the area of study.

5. General learning skills
5.1. Have developed the necessary learning skills and autonomy to be able to undertake further study.
5.2. Students have adopted independence, broad-mindedness and critical thinking, of use in studies and/or at work.
5.3. Students have displayed that they are capable of organisation and working independently.

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French Studies

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