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Learning Opportunity: European Master of Small Animal Veterinary Medicine

European Master of Small Animal Veterinary Medicine

Course Information

Since 1991, the European School for Advanced Veterinary Studies (ESAVS) has been providing training courses for veterinarians wishing to upgrade their knowledge in many areas of clinical veterinary medicine. The ESAVS formalised in 2008 a long-term association with the University of Luxembourg and its Faculty of Science, Technology and Communication. This cooperation has enabled the establishment of a degree, the European Master of Small Animal Veterinary Medicine (EMSAVM).
The EMSAVM involves coursework and written modules, including studies both within the existing framework of ESAVS courses and work carried out in the veterinary practices of the participating students. The objectives of this programme are: 

  • To offer an extended post-graduate curricula, that prepare the veterinarian to attain an advanced level of competence in specific disciplines (ESAVS courses)
  • To develop the problem-solving approach and the concept of evidence-based medicine in order to properly evaluate and report results (Clinical cases reports)
  • To promote interaction with the EBVS specialists (Diplomates)
  • To train participants in critical information retrieval and literature search as well as scientific writing (Master thesis)
  • To promote continuous life-long professional development in the field of small animal veterinary medicine.

 To obtain the EMSAVM degree in the discipline of your choice, you shall attend ESAVS courses which are offered in several European locations, take and pass the respective examinations, submit a Case Log which promotes application of newly learned methods and skills in daily practice at home, write Case Reports and a Master Thesis (please refer to detailed information for each part in the respective sections of the program details). According to the rules of the University of Luxemburg all post graduate education is organized in modules.

In order to obtain the degree a passing grade has to be obtained for each module:

  • Module I and II: Courses in Major and Minor Subjects
  • Module III: Case Log
  • Module IV: Case Reports
  • Module V: Practical Work
  • Module VI: Master Thesis

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Duration Information: 

The minimum time requirement for the Master program is 3 years for candidates who are employed full-time.

For candidates who are employed part-time (minimum 20h / week) the minimum time requirement is 4 years.

Access requirements: 

Candidates must hold a recognized veterinary degree from a University or equivalent institution of higher learning. Institutions that are listed in the "anabin" data base and received an H+ mark are accepted.

Candidates holding a veterinary degree of an EAEVE/AVMA/AVBC accredited veterinary schools may enter the program immediately after graduation. Other candidates are required to have at least one year of professional experience in small animal veterinary medicine prior to entering the program.

For the whole duration of the Master program, candidates must be employed full-time or part-time in a veterinary practice or clinic with a caseload of at least 1000 diseased small animals (500 per clinician) per year and adequate facilities for examination, surgery, diagnostic imaging and hospitalization.

Admission Procedure: 

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The fees consist of a registration fee, tuition fees (regular ESAVS course fees) and examination/evaluation fees.

  • Annual registration fee: 500 € (covers the administrative costs and semester fees)
  • Tuition fees: fees for the courses in the chosen discipline - please refer to the individual course page via ESAVS courses
  • Course examination fees: 2 ECTS points: 70 € / 3 ECTS points: 100 € / 5 ECTS points: 160 € / 10 ECTS points: 320 €
  • Annual fee for the evaluation of written work: 500 € (covers the evaluation of the case log, case reports and thesis)

120 ECTS

Provider Information

Provider Name: 
European School for Advanced Veterinary Studies (ESAVS)/ Université du Luxembourg
Provider Contact Info: 

Christine Valet /Secrétaire de Formation - ESAVS

Université du Luxembourg

Faculté des Sciences, de la Technologie et de la Communication

162 A, avenue de la Faïencerie

L-1511 Luxembourg

T.: (+352) 46 66 44 6365

Email: christine.valet@uni.lu


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Master's degree