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Qualification: Erasmus Mundus Master of Bioethics

Erasmus Mundus Master of Bioethics

Qualification Information

1. Having knowledge and insight in the most important traditions, concepts and methodological approaches used in the field of bioethics internationally.
2. Being able to understand and critically assess academic literature published in the field of bioethics.
3. Being able to develop academic work in the field of bioethics with the intention to have the results published in national or international (preferably refereed) journals.
4. Developing a moral sensibility for ethical problems and having insight in the complexity, interdisciplinary character, and socio-cultural embedding of bioethical debates.
5. Being able to apply and contextualize bioethical theoretical knowledge in a professional, clinical and research context.
6. Being able to critically analyze complex bioethical topics and to develop one’s own position in a multidisciplinary, cross-cultural context where various opinions might exist.
7. Being able to define, situate, and structure complex bioethical dilemmas and to develop a potential answer to a particular problem in a consensus-driven way.
8. Being able to moderate a multidisciplinary ethical case deliberation in a clinical setting.
9. Being qualified to be a potential member of a research ethics committee or healthcare ethics committee.

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