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Qualification: Engineering Physics, MS

Engineering Physics, MS

Qualification Information

1. Knowledge
1.1. The student possesses knowledge of scientific subjects and challenges.
1.2. The students has acquired knowledge through research.
1.3. The student can provide arguments for her/his own findings.
1.4. The student can place the latest knowledge in context within the relevant specialised field.
1.5. The student is familiar with the research methods within the respective scientific field.
1.6. The student has knowledge of science ethics.

2. Skills
2.1. The student has adopted relevant methods and procedures.
2.2.The student is capable of analyzing and imparting statistical information.
2.3. The student can understand and tackle complex subjects in a professional context.
2.4. The student can apply her/his knowledge and understanding in scientific and professional work.
2.5. The student can use the relevant equipment, technology and software.
2.6. The student can collect, analyze and evaluate scientific data.
2.7. The student is innovative in developing and applying ideas.
2.8. The student can apply her/his knowledge, understanding and proficiency in new and unfamiliar situations and in an interdisciplinary context.
2.9. The student can develop projects and place them in context by applying methods based on scientific theories and/or experiments.
2.10. The student is capable of integrating knowledge, resolving complex issues and presenting an opinion based on the available information.
2.11. The student can effectively apply research methods and implement small-scale research projects.
2.12. The student understands research and research findings.

3. Competences
3.1. The student has developed the necessary learning skills and independence for further studies.
3.2. The student can initiate and lead projects within the scientific field and be responsible for the work of individuals and groups.
3.3. The student can communicate complex scientific information, challenges and findings to scholars as well as to a general audience.
3.4. The student is capable of presenting and describing scientific issues and research findings in English.
3.5. The student can make and explain decisions in an independent, professional manner.
3.6. The student can evaluate the suitability of the different methods of analysis and complex scientific issues in each case.
3.7. The student can communicate statistical information.

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Engineering Physics

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