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Learning Opportunity: Engineering Physics, BS

Engineering Physics, BS

Course Information

1. Knowledge
1.1. The student has acquired general understanding and insight into main   theories and concepts.
1.2. The student is aware of the latest knowledge in the relevant field.
1.3. The student can apply the basic elements of information technology.

2. Skills
2.1. The student can use the relevant equipment, technology and software.
2.2. The student can apply critical analytic methods.
2.3. The student can rationalize her/his decisions.
2.4. The student can evaluate critically the methods applied.
2.5. The student recognizes when further data is needed and has the ability to retrieve it, assess its reliability and apply it in an appropriate manner.
2.6. The student can use reliable data and information resources in the relevant scientific field.
2.7. The student has acquired an open-minded and innovative way of thinking.

3. Competences
3.1 The student as developed the competences and independence needed for further studies within the field.
3.2 The student can work in an independent and organized manner, set goals for her/his work, devise and follow a work schedule.
3.3. The student can participate actively in work groups and lead such groups.
3.4. The student is capable of interpreting and presenting scientific issues and research findings.

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