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Learning Opportunity: Elintarviketeknologian osaamisala

Elintarviketeknologian osaamisala

Course Information

Kaikille pakolliset ammatilliset tutkinnon osat ovat elintarviketuotannossa toimiminen ja elintarvikeprosessin ohjaus ja käynnissäpito. Lisäksi on suoritettava elintarviketeknologian osaamisalan mukaisesti osa: elintarvikkeiden valmistus.

Näiden pakollisten tutkinnon osien lisäksi suoritetaan valinnaisia ammatillisia tutkinnon osia, joilla vahvistetaan osaamista erilaisissa valmistusmenetelmissä ja tuotannoissa toimimisessa.

Elintarvikkeiden valmistajan työssä vaaditaan raaka-aine- ja tuotetietoutta sekä laite- ja menetelmätuntemusta. Hyvä fyysinen peruskunto on tarpeellinen.

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Kpedu Facebookissa: Keski-Pohjanmaan ammattiopisto 

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Koulutusvideo: Elintarvikkeiden valmistaja 

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Duration Information: 

2 vuotta

Start Date: 

180 ECVET competence points

Provider Information

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Keski-Pohjanmaan ammattiopisto, Kokkola, Ammattikampus
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040 808 5010
Närvilänkatu 8, 67100, KOKKOLA

Qualifications Awarded

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Qualification Awarded:
Elintarvikkeiden valmistaja
Qualification awarded description:

Qualification-holders may work in wholesale or retail, restaurant and catering services or in the food industry, as well as for enterprises, public administration or organisations involved in food research or product development. The food industry produces foodstuffs for people and animals. The raw materials are also used to manufacture so-called non-food products for the paper, chemical and medical industries.

Those who have completed the Vocational Qualification in Food Production are able to work in compliance with the quality and hygiene requirements governing the food industry. They are able to act reliably, responsibly and proactively. They are able to function in a working community in a co-operative and service-oriented manner. They know how to plan their own work, interpret instructions and perform calculations relating to raw materials and to their work. They must know how to use machinery and equipment and maintain their tools in working order. Those working in an international environment must possess adequate language skills and an understanding of the relevant culture.

Those who have completed the Study Programme/Competence Area in Food Technology are able to work as Foods Makers in food preparation, packing and storage functions in small enterprises or within large-scale industry, such as the food products, vegetable products, sweets and beverages industries. They are able to monitor and adjust the food manufacturing process.

Those who have completed the Study Programme/Competence Area in Baking are able to function as Baker-confectioners in small and medium-sized bakeries and confectioneries or in industrial bakeries, bake-off units, café-confectioneries, institutional catering units and restaurant outlets as well as in catering enterprises. They know how to prepare breads and pastries, prepared bakery products or confectionery products in both manual-intensive and automated production environments. They are able to work safely and hygienically and co-operate in a flexible manner.

Those who have completed the Study Programme/Competence Area in Meat Processing are able to work as Meat Products Processors in meat cutting plants, the processed meat products industry and slaughterhouses, for example. They know how to cut meat and prepare various processed meat products and work in a slaughterhouse.

Those who have completed the Study Programme/Competence Area in Dairy Production are able to work as Dairypersons in process control, production, packing or storage assignments and in quality management assignments within dairy businesses in areas such as production of milk, cream, acidified milk products, cheeses and powdered milk. They know how to monitor and adjust dairy production processes and how to perform servicing and maintenance tasks.

Course Locations

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Course address:

Närvilänkatu 8, 67100, KOKKOLA