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Learning Opportunity: Electrical and Autom. Eng., VQ

Electrical and Autom. Eng., VQ

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Ensimmäisenä vuonna kaikilla on samanlaiset ammatilliset perusopinnot, jonka jälkeen erikoistutaan automaatioasentajaksi tai sähköasentajaksi.

Automaatioasentajat opiskelevat asennusta, käyttämään ja huoltamaan teollisuuden automaatiojärjestelmiä, koneita ja laitteita.


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2 vuotta


180 ECVET competence points

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Ammatti-instituutti Iisakki, Hämeenkyrö, Sasky
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03 345 7100
PL 23, 39101, HÄMEENKYRÖ
Taitokuja 3, 39100, HÄMEENKYRÖ

Qualifications Awarded

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Qualification Awarded:
Automaatioasentaja, Sähköasentaja
Qualification awarded description:

Those who have completed the qualification install and service electrical and automation systems in properties and various plants or electricity distribution networks.

Most devices and systems used in everyday life and at workplaces are either fully or partially based on electrical and automation technology. The industry is developing and reforming constantly, which means that it needs experts in generation, supply and transfer of electricity, electrification, repair and servicing of electrical installations as well as automation and maintenance.

Those who have completed the Vocational Qualification in Electrical and Automation Engineering have basic skills in electrical and automation engineering for installation, servicing and maintenance assignments. They have internalised working methods in line with occupational and electrical safety regulations. They are able to use and handle materials, components and tools.

Automation Assemblers who have completed the Study Programme/Competence Area in Electrical and Automation Engineering are familiar with regulating, manufacturing and control systems and robotics and know how to install and maintain these.

Electricians who have completed the Study Programme/Competence Area in Electrical and Automation Engineering know how to perform electrical and building automation installations relating to electrical building maintenance technology and tasks relating to installation, servicing and maintenance of electrical networks.

Course Locations

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Taitokuja 3, 39100, HÄMEENKYRÖ