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Educational Authority

Educational Authority

The aim and task of the Educational Authority is to serve the public by collecting, managing and providing credible, professional and legitim information on the teaching-educational work conducted in Hungary and by supporting the participants and the processes of the teaching-educational work.

The source of the information, along with the compulsory data provision of teaching-educational institutions, is the wide range of surveys and assessments (national and international student surveys, the operation of the secondary school-leaving examination system, school inspections and teacher assessments).

The management of the information includes safe and modern data storage, data processing, data verification and research (confirmation, establishing international equivalents, accreditation of training, curriculum and language examinations).

The provision of information aims to provide a credible image of the situation of education in Hungary to society, domestic and international organizations and support the participants of the world of teaching and education (students, teachers, parents, institutions and the educational management).

This support is realized by

  • recording verified information of individuals and communities (student identity cards, certifying documents and certificates),
  • compiling and analysing anonymous data sequences (on institutions, at a country-level or in geographically and thematically subdivided fields),
  • helping the participants of education with their career and operation (operating licenses, attendance systems, the school-leaving examination  system, student grant contracts, graduate career tracking systems, teacher assessments), and
  • a wide range of support and information services (customer service, career consulting, organizing national and regional competitions, other pedagogical services).