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Learning Opportunity: Education studies, BA

Education studies, BA

Course Information

Knowledge, ability and skills
At the conclusion of the program, the student can demonstrate knowledge, skills and ability as stated below:

1. Knowledge and Understanding
1.1 The student is familiar with the main theories of pedagogy and education and has an extensive knowledge and understanding of them.
1.2 The student has a clear oversight of the history and key readings of pedagogy and education from the beginning until the current period.
1.3 The student has a good oversight over the developmental path of humans from birth to adulthood and ways to enhance general development, cultural literacy and civic awareness in a democratic society in the age of globalization.
1.4 The student has knowledge and critical understanding of societal institutions involved in upbringing, with a particular emphasis on the family, the educational system, recreational issues and other pedagogical resources.
1.5 The student has adopted a critical perspective and can discuss the status and demonstrate the validity of pedagogy and education in modern society.
1.6 The student is familiar with diverse research methods, qualitative and quantitative, in pedagogy and education.

2. Practical Skills and Work Methods
2.1 The student has adopted independent working methods and initiative and has mastered academic presentations in writing and speaking.
2.2 The student can work independently and in an organized manner on diverse pedagogical and educational topics.
2.3 The student can use critique of his/her work and make sensible use of comments.
2.4 The student can define fairly complex subjects, set goals, make plans and follow through on them.
2.5 The student has full mastery of professional preparation of written work.
2.6 The student can utilize the main software in searching for, acquiring and processing information.

3. Theoretical Ability
3.1 The student can organize and direct his/her own studies on delimited subjects and utilize the appropriate research methods and academic theories.
3.2 The student knows the basics in elaborate critiquing of sources and can handle many types of sources and use them in his/her own studies.
3.3 The student has a clear understanding of what makes for elaborate and accepted academic work and can provide a rationale for such an assessment.
3.4 The student can argue for the importance of pedagogical and educational knowledge in modern society
3.5 The student can review topics from many perspectives and discuss the main disputed subjects in pedagogy and education on the basis of professional and academic knowledge

4. Communication Skills
4.1 The student has adopted a respectful and considerate approach to interpersonal communications.
4.2 The student can work in a group and direct the work of others.
4.3 The student can express him-/herself clearly and in an organized manner verbally and in writing, write detailed reports including visual and quantitative explanations and present such materials verbally.
4.4 The student can clearly explain the subjects and disputed topics in the field of pedagogy and education in various ways in public and argue his/her conclusions.

5. Learning skills
5.1 The student has acquired the necessary learning skills to maintain his/her knowledge in the field of pedagogy and education and add to it.
5.2 The student has adopted independence, broadmindedness and a critical way of thinking which will be useful in further study or in the workplace.

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