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Learning Opportunity: Doctoral Degree Programme in Mathematical Sciences (4 yrs)

Doctoral Degree Programme in Mathematical Sciences (4 yrs)

Course Information

In the doctoral programme of Mathematical sciences, the PhD student is carrying out scientific research whose results are to be presented in the PhD thesis. In addition, the student is participating courses, seminars and other studies that are relevant for the research field. The PhD student can join a research group e.g. in one of the following fields: Mathematical analysis and its applications, Number theory, Information theory, Statistical models and Data-analysis.

The goal of the doctoral studies, is to equip the PhD student with necessary skills and abilities needed to carry out successful work in academic and other expertise positions in the society. The PhD studies provide the student a wide general knowledge in Mathematical sciences and their applications. In the PhD thesis, the PhD student must demonstrate her/his ability to conduct independent research and prove that she/he has become a scientific expert in the specific research field. The purpose of the studies is to develop scientific thinking and mathematical problem solving skills that are relevant for solving and modelling complex problems and phenomena. The studies help to adopt good scientific practices and yield diverse research and networking skills.

The PhD thesis usually consists of a collection of peer reviewed international publications around a solid research topic. The duration of the programme is approximately four years.

Additional information: http://www.oulu.fi/mathematics/.

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4 vuotta


--- ECTS credits

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University of Oulu, Graduate School (UniOGS)
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University of Oulu, Graduate School (UniOGS)

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Filosofian tohtori
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The goals are in correspondence with the national framework .

After completing the PhD degree the student:

  • has deeply acquainted with the research field and its importance
  • is able to combine previous findings and create new knowledge following good scientific practices
  • is able to conduct trustworthy scientific research independently
  • can think ‘out of the box’ and is capable to carry out and manage demanding tasks
  • has communication skills that are relevant both in and outside of academia
  • is capable of managing expertise positions in academia and society
  • is capable of creating international networks
  • is ready to solve complex research and development problems in her/his field of expertise
  • is willing and able to continuously develop her/his knowledge and skills