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Learning Opportunity: Doctoral Degree Programme in Economics and Business Administration (4 yrs)

Doctoral Degree Programme in Economics and Business Administration (4 yrs)

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The doctoral degree programme in the Oulu Business School consist a total of 50 ECTS of studies.

Mandatory courses for all students organized by University of Oulu Graduate School (UniOGS): introduction to doctoral training (1 ECTS), scientific research and research ethics (2 ECTS), doctoral training plan (3 ECTS) and annual reporting and follow-up group meetings (1 ECTS). In addition mandatory study requirements include: Business Theory and Thought (6 ECTS), research plan seminar (1 ECTS) and subject specific studies (36 ECTS).

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4 vuotta


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University of Oulu, Graduate School (UniOGS)
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University of Oulu, Graduate School (UniOGS)

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The doctoral degree programme in the Oulu Business School (OBS) covers all the five disciplines represented in the School’s curriculum: accounting, economics, finance, international business management and marketing. All these traditional business school subjects study different aspects of the economy.

The goal of the OBS doctoral degree programme is to train students to conduct high quality international-level research, and prepare them also to challenging jobs outside of academia. The OBS doctoral training is closely connected to the national doctoral programmes in each field to provide a thorough knowledge of each discipline’s theory and methods.

The doctoral degree programme contributes to OBS mission in generating profound business competence achieved via doctoral studies. The Oulu Business School doctoral degree programme provides all its students – irrespective of the major subject – a thorough and systematic training in the skills required in highly specialized careers both in academia and in contemporary business world. The programme offers state of the art training and supervision in the represented disciplines. Students in the programme are encouraged to engage in international cooperation and study and do research also outside Finland.

Upon graduation the students are expected to demonstrate the ability to create knowledge through original research in their areas of specialization. In addition, upon completion of the doctoral degree the students are expected to have acquired (i) good professional communication skills, (ii) the capability of integrating knowledge across business and other scientific disciplines, (iii) excellent research skills and the ability to do demanding independent research that is in line with international standards, (iv) in-depth understanding of one’s own profession and ability to work as an expert or a developer of the field and (v) global knowledge in business.