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Qualification: DIPLOMA OF VOCATIONAL SECONDARY EDUCATION with professional qualification: Dental Technician

DIPLOMA OF VOCATIONAL SECONDARY EDUCATION with professional qualification: Dental Technician

Qualification Information

- Able to perform intellectual operations at the level of knowledge, understanding, use and simple analysis.
- Uses knowledge and theoretical understanding in wide-ranging complex activities.
- Able to obtain and evaluate information independently.
- Uses wide-ranging knowledge and skills for the solution of well-formulated, but unknown and unforeseeable problems.
- Has detailed, theoretical knowledge and understanding corresponding to the professional qualification.
- Has wide-ranging skills and proficiency essential for the profession corresponding to the professional qualification.
- Able to perform the work of executor independently, including the planning and supervision of the work to be performed.
- Knows and is able to apply appropriate technologies.
- Able to apply information acquisition and processing technologies in professional activity.
- Latvian language proficiency developed and foreign language(-s) proficiency improved.
- Knows and understands links between historical developments of their county, Latvia, Europe and world.
- Able to apply mathematical knowledge and skills in professional work.
- Able to apply knowledge about the facts and laws of natural sciences in professional activity.
- Able to evaluate the processes occurring in nature and society and comprehend them in their system and development.
- Understands the principle of coherence of ecological space and observes the environmental protection requirements in professional activity.
- Understands the basic principles of market economy.
- Able to find their place in the economic structures of society and able to operate therein.
- Understands the economic relationship between employer and employee and knows the relevant legislation.
- Has a conception of the political structure of the European Union, as well as of the principles of single economic area and the mobility of the labour force.
- Evaluates their abilities adequately.
- Plans activity in compliance with circumstances, possibilities and their abilities.
- Plans time in accordance with task.
- Able to make justified choice and make a decision independently in familiar and less familiar circumstances.
- Able to answer for the quantitative and qualitative result of their professional activities, assumes partial responsibility for the work performed by others.
- Is determined, systematic and rational when working.
- Is careful and accurate.
- Able to assume initiative.

Reference Data

EQF Level:
Thematic area:
Information Language:
NQF Level: 
Awarding body: 

- Rīgas 1. medicīnas koledža

Awarding body contact info: 

Tālr.: 67371147
Fakss: 67371147
E-pasts: medskola@medskola.lv

Source of information: 
National occupation classification: 


Relationship type: 

Dental technician (3214 06)

Access requirements: 

Certificate of general secondary education

Ways to acquire: 

Formal (through education programmes)