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Qualification: Development Studies, Postgraduate Diploma

Development Studies, Postgraduate Diploma

Qualification Information


At completion of the study the student can:

  • Outline and give examples of key concepts and theories in development studies.
  • Reproduce the history of development assistance and development studies.
  • State and compare key development agencies and approaches in development collaboration.
  • Describe key concepts and methods for preparation, implementation and monitoring of development projects.
  • Recognize with examples the importance of stakeholders and integration of gender in the preparation, monitoring and evaluation of projects.


At completion of the study the student can:

  • Critically discuss development issues and their social importance.
  • List and evaluate opportunities to promote issues of importance in development studies.
  • Prepare a project and propose monitoring and evaluation.


At completion of the study the student can:

  • Participate in group work and give due respect and consideration in communication and diverse opinions.
  • Collect scientific information and practically use websites and other information resources about development collaboration and development studies.
  • Prepare a report about progress of projects, most important conclusions of an evaluation and propose ideas for improvement.

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Development Studies

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