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Qualification: Development Studies, Doctorate

Development Studies, Doctorate

Qualification Information


At the completetion of the studies, the student is able to:

  • Describe and classify general scientific theories, in particular those of importance for development studies.
  • Explain and summarize key issues, concepts and state of the art of development studies and their societal importance.
  • Present, evaluate and argue for new knowledge within the field of development studies that meets peer-review standards.
  • Explain and present research findings and describe researchers‘ rights and obligations, including confidienciality towards informants, copy-right, science ethics og ownership of results and data.
  • List and give examples of research funding and evaluate their relevance.



At the completetion of the studies the student is able to:

  • Explain the field of development studies for collegues, other scientists and the general public.
  • Able to collaborate in a small group of collaborators or in the wider context of the scientific community and other stakeholders.
  • Present and argue for own research in seminars and oral examinations, and explain own research in diverse scientific fora.
  • Prepare and lead a research project with specific research aims and milestones and clearly identified research components.
  • Use information technology to collect and register scientific information, and make it accessible for systematic use in research.



At the completetion of the studies the student is able to:

  • Identify, classify and critically examine data and other information within the field of development studies.
  • Summarize state of the art within development studies that rests on academic peer reviewed and other relevant resources.
  • Demonstrate ability to address and successfully conclude complicated as well as new challenges in research.
  • Illustrate capacity to write scientific papers that can be published by an internationally recognized publisher.
  • Write and summarize own research in a form that is deemed eligible for doctoral defence by indicated individuals in the university.
  • Take initiative and demonstrate independence in research that is characterized by disciplined and proficient practises while recognize limitations of ones knowledge.

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Development Studies

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