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Croatian Education system

Croatian Education system


The education system in Croatia includes different levels: preschool education; primary education; secondary education; higher education and adult education. 

Preschool education for children aged six months until the beginning of primary school. 

Primary education begins with enrolment in the first grade of primary school; it is compulsory for all children and normally lasts from seven until fifteen years of age. A system of primary adult education is established for persons over the age of fifteen who have not completed primary education. 

Secondary education in Croatia takes place in gymnasiums, vocational, and art school programmes. Students enrol via an electronic enrolment system based on achievements in primary schools, as well as personal abilities and preferences. After completing five-year and four-year programmes, it is possible to take a state graduation exam and enrol in higher education institutions. 

Higher education in Croatia includes university and professional studies. University studies include three levels (undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate) and train students to develop and apply scientific and technical achievements. Professional studies train students for professional occupations and prepare them for immediate employment. They include short professional studies and professional bachelor studies on the first level and specialist professional graduate studies on the second level. 

Adult education in Croatia has a long tradition of institutional activities through a network of public open universities - public adult education institutions - and covers all forms of education of persons over the age of 15, helping them to acquire qualifications required for the first occupation, retraining, professional development, improvement of knowledge and skills, including active citizenship training. 

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