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Learning Opportunity: Cosmetology


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Objective(s) of the study programme:
The Joint study programme “Cosmetology” objective is to develop a high qualification creative and socially responsible specialist of beauty therapy, able to professionally and independently perform various cosmetology services, possessing contemporary cosmetology means, equipment and materials, able to manage cosmetology business, with thinking of broad, creative and critical way, constantly seeking personal and professional development in learning all life.
Utilizing broader opportunities than available when a study programme is being executed by the sole institution, provide a possibility for the students from different countries to study together in a different cultural and academic medium and to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the socio-cultural integration in the study process in order to develop intercultural competencies indispensable in the global market. The Joint study programme promotes mobility of students and teachers, provides students with opportunities to learn from the best practices of different countries and higher schools.
Learning outcomes:
The learning outcomes of the Joint study programme forms competencies needed for a beauty specialist in complex environment distinguish oneself in variety of tasks and their context. Delivering decisions in various professional activities area, it needs to manage various means and methods, to perform the activity it is need to manage broad theoretical knowledge of fundamental natural science, human anatomy and physiology, to manufacture and put into practice of cosmetics tools, the industry of beauty therapy business, bases on new and applied results of research and necessary for various innovation introduction.
The joint study programme learning outcomes consist of abilities to plan activities according to foreknown objectives, to analyse and fix the results of own activities and to deliver the reports to coordinators, to correct activities regarding to analysis of results and recommendations of specialists, to execute various project activities, to adapt to continual and usually difficult foreseen changes, making dependent on progress of knowledge and technologies.
The absolvents completes the joint study programme will be able:
To know and understand the nature sciences – biological, biochemistry, physiology, biophysics, general and organic chemistry – areas; to demonstrate the knowledge and understanding of the structure and functions of the human body; to use physical and chemical bases of technical and life sciences to understand the mechanisms of action of cosmetics and equipment used in cosmetic treatment; to understand cosmetics ingredients and cosmetics manufacturing formula; to have the knowledge of the mechanisms of action and side effects of physical treatments, chemical compounds and mixtures used in cosmetology; to have the understanding and knowledge of business management principles, methods and techniques;
To evaluate the state of health and the symptoms and causes of select disorders and conditions affecting skin, to apply the principles of health promotion and a healthy lifestyle, to apply cosmetics testing and evaluation methods; to carry out various cosmetic treatments in a professional and ethical manner; to analyse the impact of environmental factors on business activity, to organize and manage a beauty salon business in a professional and ethical manner, to plan, organize and implement marketing activities, to apply national and international legal regulations pertaining to the professional cosmetic activity and cosmetic trade;
To apply cosmetics testing and evaluation methods evaluating and testing cosmetics quality, to use information technology to obtain and interpret data on cosmetic products and cosmetic ingredients; to evaluate an individual customer’s need and conditions for cosmetic treatment; to select and apply appropriate cosmetics for the purpose of cosmetic procedures, to manufac

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Minimum education - Secondary



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International School of Law and Business
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Provider phone number: +370-5-2426000 Provider email: info@ttvam.lt Provider URL: http://www.ttvam.lt/

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Professional Bachelor of Beauty Therapy
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International School of Law and Business

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Provider phone number: +370-5-2426000 Provider email: info@ttvam.lt Provider URL: http://www.ttvam.lt/

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Laisvės pr. 58, Vilnius