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Learning Opportunity: Construction Technologies and Management

Construction Technologies and Management

Course Information

Objective(s) of a study programme:
1. To provide adequate knowledge in construction technologies and management and to develop the ability to apply that knowledge in theoretical and practical issues in engineering activities.
2. To develop the need to be interested in building technologies science, apply it in practice, to be able to operate in a global market, take future challenges, to combine knowledge application skills with fundamentals of the social, physical, human and natural sciences, to understand the influence and importance of engineering and technological solutions to sustainable social, economic and technological development of the country.
3. To develop extensive expertise, skills to critically analyze, independently and creatively solve construction technology and management issues, to formulate original ideas and proposals, to be able to realize them.
4. To develop the ability to maintain own professional competence through lifelong learning.

Learning outcomes:
1. Ability to collect, organize and summarize information, solve problems, communicate ideas and solutions, to prove them, to defend against the professionals of construction technologies and management and non-specialist audiences.
2. Developed through independent learning skills necessary to continue studies in another level, ability to make effective decisions in construction technologies and management, assess risk and control tools, to predict the impact of decisions on the environment and people, to solve the problems in qualified way. Skills to work independently, responsibly, to plan, organize, monitor and evaluate own and the team work and communicate effectively with colleagues and project participants.
Construction Technology and Management specialization
3. Ability to identify, formulate and by using computer technologies to process and solve in integrated way the problems of buildings’ construction technologies design, construction machinery selection, construction process organization and planning, buildings’ use and maintenance engineering, to deal with them by using modern engineering and management tools, to assess the influence of decisions on the construction project and its implementation. Skills to work with measuring and analysis instruments and laboratory work skills.
Construction Economics and Business specialization
4. Ability to identify, formulate, and by using modern technologies to solve in integrated way the tasks of facility management, construction project management, construction management and business administration, strategic construction management. Ability to choose effective and innovative technological solutions, to assess their economic effects, to apply them in the construction business. Skills to work with measuring and analysis instruments and laboratory work skills.

Activities of teaching and learning:

Lectures, practical works, laboratory works, practical training, seminars, discussions, case studies, solving of real problems, simulations of situations, individual and group tasks, the presentation of their results, independent analysis of the literature, work with computer learning systems, homeworks, essays, course projects, final thesis.
Innovative teaching and learning methods are applied.
Methods of assessment of learning achievements:

Tests, assessment of results and presentations of individual and group works, assessment of homeworks, course works, projects, written reports, exams, thesis defense.
Knowledge of students is assessed in ten-point proportional criterion evaluation system. ECTS credit system is applied. Student’s knowledge and skills that are foreseen in the study subject module card and subject module programme are only assessed. A sufficient level of knowledge characterized by the following grades: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5.


Construction Technology and Management
Construction Economics and Business
Optional courses:

Optional courses for 8 ECTS credits are foreseen. Stude

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Minimum education - Secondary



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Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
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Provider phone number: +370-5-2745030 Provider email: rastine@vgtu.lt Provider URL: http://www.vgtu.lt

Qualifications Awarded

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Qualification Awarded:
Bachelor of Building Technologies
Awarding body:

Vilnius Gediminas Technical University

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Provider phone number: +370-5-2745030 Provider email: rastine@vgtu.lt Provider URL: http://www.vgtu.lt

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Saulėtekio al. 11, Vilnius