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Qualification: Computer network coordinator

Computer network coordinator

Qualification Information

A person who has acquired this qualification: selects, edits and combines data network, operates computer hardware, selects, uses and understands applications, monitors and understands the flow of data, knows the protocols and connections, analyzes and applies the information systems security, combines a variety of operating systems, plans, organizes and implements computer networks, uses databases and their management systems.

Optional competences:
1. To design, build and manage web sites;
2. To work with raster and vector graphics software, to know how to create vector images, edit raster images to create montages;
3. To programme with simple programs;
4. To edit video, to apply software;
5. To create, edit and apply sound track;
6. To work with two-dimensional and three-dimensional graphics according to user needs.

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- Klaipeda Service and Business School - Anyksciai Vocational School of Technology - Siauliai Vocational Education and Training Centre - Alytus Vocational Education Centre - Vilnius Technology and Buisiness Vocational Training Centre - Jonava Polytechnic School - Veisiejai Vocational School of Technology and Business - KAUNAS INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SCHOOL - Panevezys Margarita Rimkevičaitė Service and Business School - Public Institution Vocational Training Centre in Panevezys - Vilnius Vocational School of Railway and Business Services

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