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Qualification: Computer hardware adjuster

Computer hardware adjuster

Qualification Information

A person who acquires the qualification of PC and peripheral adjuster must: - be able to design, build, repair, and test a PC by using the appropriate software; install software, maintain a PC and peripherals, make a scheme for a computer network, connect and administer a computer network, and install and maintain peripherals - know the construction and operation principles of PCs and peripherals and be aware of work safety requirements - be able to work responsibly and diligently.

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- Kaunas Technical Vocational Education Centre - Siauliai Vocational Education and Training Centre - Visaginas Technology and Business Vocational Education and Training Centre - Elekrenai Public Center of Vosational Training - Aukstadvaris Agricultural School - Vilnius Vocational School of Railway and Business Services - Kedainiai Vocational Training Centre - Alytus Vocational Education Centre - Vilnius Technology and Buisiness Vocational Training Centre - KAUNAS INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SCHOOL - Plunge Vocational School of Technology and Business - Taurage Vocational Training Centre - Public Institution Vocational Training Centre in Panevezys - Ernestas Galvanauskas Training Centre in Klaipeda city, Public Institution

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