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Learning Opportunity: Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

Course Information

Objective(s) of a study programme:
To improve previously acquired special knowledge used in defining and solving complex problems of civil engineering theory and practice as well as develop skills in practical solutions of engineering work activities in construction and related fields.
Learning outcomes:
Knowledge and understanding:
knows and understands the modern methods of engineering calculations and scientific substantiation;
knows and understands the systems of construction processes;
knows and understands studies of concrete;
knows and understands construction physics;
knows and understands methods of construction products investigation and reliability of building materials and constructions;
knows and understands mathematical simulation and optimization of construction processes as well as the theory of the efficiency of civil engineering solutions;
knows and understands computer-aided calculation and optimization of constructions.
knows and understands the nature of a particular construction problem solved;
knowledge about laboratory and experimental investigation, analyzes methods of the obtained results;
knows and understands the rational civil engineering solutions;
knows and understands special computer programs;
Engineering Analysis
is able to define and formulate construction goals;
is able to apply special knowledge in solving theoretical and practical problems of civil engineering as well as related problems in the absence of complete information and data;
is able to identify and analyze new problems met in civil engineering, prepare alternative solutions to problems and apply theoretical knowledge of civil engineering and related sciences;
is able to interpret data obtained from laboratory experiments, observations of construction processes and measurements regarding their significance and interpreting theory;
Engineering Design
is able to prepare optimal construction solutions by applying modern mathematical methods, computer technologies and software;
is able to select efficient and safe ways of construction and manufacture of building products, methods of work organization, necessary norms indicators, technical regulations of construction and other legal documents;
is able to design and construct structures which meet safety, environment, quality and efficiency requirements;
is able to carry out experimental work and investigation related to civil engineering activities;
is able to measure physical characteristics of building materials and constructions, technological parameters of construction processes as well as document them correctly;
is able to carry out the work of experiment planning, investigation, designing structures and their parts, supervise construction work from formulating the problem to evaluating the results;
understand the ethical, social, economic and safety sides of construction problems and their solutions;
Engineering Practice:
solve the problems of study specialization in the fields of hydraulic structures, constructions, building materials and product technologies as well as construction technology and management.
formulate, solve and evaluate complex construction problems;
evaluate the various modes of solutions of engineering structures, products and construction technologies
Transferable Skills:
communicate in at least one of the principal foreign languages, both orally and in written form;
clearly present the materials of problem investigation, optimal solutions and analysis both orally and in written form;
work in a group of different specialists and solve complex problems;
plan personal time and professional improvement;
work in a creative, innovative, motivated and responsible way.
Activities of teaching and learning:
Material of the study module is gained both by activity in auditorium and individual work. Activity in auditorium includes lectures, group research and practical work. Individual work is comprised by study of theoretical material, preparati

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Minimum education - Higher education



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Kaunas University of Technology
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Provider phone number: +370-37-300000 Provider email: ktu@ktu.lt Provider URL: http://ktu.edu/

Qualifications Awarded

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Qualification Awarded:
Master of Civil Engineering
Awarding body:

Kaunas University of Technology

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Provider phone number: +370-37-300000 Provider email: ktu@ktu.lt Provider URL: http://ktu.edu/

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K. Donelaičio g. 73, Kaunas