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Qualification: Chinese Studies, Minor

Chinese Studies, Minor

Qualification Information

1          Knowledge: Degree holders possess knowledge of Chinese studies.


This entails that holders:


1.1. have acquired considerable command of standard spoken Chinese (Putonghua, Mandarin, Guoyu) as speakers and theoretical understanding of the language (grammar, linguistics). 

1.2. have acquired broad knowledge of the cultural and social history of China as well as other areas significantly influenced by Chinese culture.

1.3. have acquired knowledge and understanding of one or more specialized areas within Chinese studies (notably history, philosophy, religions, linguistics, literature, cinema, politics, business or economics).


2          Skills: Degree holders can apply the methods and procedures of Chinese studies.


This entails that holders:


2.1. can access challenging texts and comprehend their meaning. 

2.2. can express themselves about topics related to daily life.

2.3. have the ability to use Chinese successfully in social and professional contexts.

2.4. have the ability to write the most common Chinese characters by hand and even more by using electronic devices.

2.5  can engage in respectful dialogue and team work with others.

2.6 can make use of technology, software and other equipment to process data and acquire relevant information.

2.7 can apply critical thinking and rationalise decisions in a professional manner.

2.8  can prepare, organise and implement challenging projects.

2.9 have acquired an open-minded, independent, innovative and responsible way of thinking.


3          Competences: Degree holders can apply their knowledge and skills in a practical way in their profession and/or further studies.


This entails that holders:


3.1. have developed the ability to provide sound arguments for theoretical or practical inferences in the field.

3.2. can apply their knowledge and understanding in scientific or professional activities.

3.3. are capable of interpreting and presenting scientific issues and research findings in the field.

3.4. have developed the competences and autonomy needed for further studies within the field.

3.5. have the capacity to organise and implement independent research projects and present the findings in a clear manner.

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Chinese Studies

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