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Learning Opportunity: Certificate of Small Animal Veterinary Practice

Certificate of Small Animal Veterinary Practice

Course Information

The ESAVS and the University of Luxembourg also issue an examination-validated certificate, corresponding to a shorter version of the Master programme (European master of small animal veterinary medicine), with less compulsory class hours and written work.

The Certificate of Small Animal Veterinary Practice testifies that you have acquired a good theoretical knowledge accompanied by sufficient practical training in the field of small animal veterinary medicine with focus on a chosen discipline.

The disciplines are taught in a series of 5- to 10-day consecutive courses where admission to the next level ordinarily requires completion of the previous course (please see the specific requirements of each discipline). Each ESAVS course is credited by the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS points). Considering student working time to attend courses, to study and to prepare for the examination, a 5-day (40 hours) ESAVS course generates usually 5 ECTS.

Lifelong learning

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Further information on the certificate and training courses provided by the ESAVS is available at:  www.esavs-certificate.org

Duration Information: 

The duration of the program is two years minimum and five years maximum.

Access requirements: 

Candidates must hold a recognized veterinary degree from a University or equivalent institution of higher learning.

For the whole duration of the Certificate program, candidates must be employed full-time or part-time in a veterinary practice or clinic with a caseload of at least 1000 diseased small animals (500 per clinician) per year and adequate facilities for examination, surgery, diagnostic imaging and hospitalization


Admission Procedure: 

To apply for the Certificate of Small Animal Veterinary Practice in the discipline of your choice, the following documents (see link below) need to be submitted as e-mail attachment in digital form either as Word, PDF or JPG file. Non-EU candidates are required to submit certified true copies of their application documents. These documents will be forwarded to the Post Graduate Program Committee. You will be notified in due course whether your application has been accepted and receive an invoice to pay a registration fee.




The fees comprise of an annual registration fee, course tuition fees, examination fees and evaluation fee for the case log:

  • Annual Certificate registration fee: 500 € (covers the administrative costs and semester fees)
  • Tuition fees: fees for the courses in the discipline of your choice.
  • Examination fees: 2 ECTS points: 70 € / 3 ECTS points: 100 € / 5 ECTS points: 160 € / 10 ECTS points: 320 €
  • Evaluation of the case log: 150 € - to be paid upon application (non-refundable)


In total, a minimum of 25 ECTS points have to be collected in course work. Candidates are required to collect 100 well documented cases in the form of a case log (% ECTS).

Provider Information

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European School for Advanced Veterinary Studies (ESAVS)/ Université du Luxembourg
Provider Contact Info: 

Christine Valet / Secrétaire de formation

Faculté des Sciences, de la Technologie et de la Communication
162 A, avenue de la Faïencerie
L-1511 Luxembourg

Telephone: (+352) 46 66 44 6365


Qualifications Awarded

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Qualification Awarded:
Certificate of Small Animal Veterinary Practice (CSAVP) / your discipline
Awarding body:

University of Luxembourg