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Learning Opportunity: Building Engineering Systems

Building Engineering Systems

Course Information

Objective(s) of a study programme:
To prepare Masters of Engineering systems of buildings with special theoretical and methodological knowledge, understanding modern technologies of engineering systems of buildings, inter-subject context and having practical skills to perform scientific research, strategic planning and efficient implementation of solutions (projects) of engineering systems of buildings, capable of the smooth presentation of performed work, cooperation with colleagues and specialists of other areas; with lifelong learning skills, adapting to constantly changing conditions of the engineering environment.
Learning outcomes:
Knowledge and understanding:
Comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the scientific and fundamental principles necessary for the analysis and design of civil engineering systems, implementation of projects and management of the systems
Critical understanding of the interrelation between civil engineering and civil engineering systems, the impact of technology and solutions on an individual and environment in respect of the microclimate theory, energy efficiency, renewable energy technology, economic and social aspects.
Knows how to identify and solve construction task in practical way, taking inti account the conditions and requirements.
Knows and understands how to design and construct buildings that meet safety, environmental protection, quality and efficiency.
Engineering Analysis:
Ability to analyse the functions and models of civil engineering and civil engineering systems, as well as to form systems and structure engineering processes.
Ability to process theoretical knowledge and technical documentation, to analyse, evaluate and combine knowledge acquired in different fields and use it in the engineering practice.
Ability to recognise and define new tasks related to civil engineering systems, awareness of and ability to apply analytical and experimental methods for the analysis of these systems and building structures. Understanding of the possibilities and limitations of the application of the methods.
Ability to work out and reason rational solutions of civil engineering systems by applying methods of the analysis of energy efficiency, safety and impact on an individual and economic analysis and to combine theoretical knowledge and practice.
Engineering Design:
Knowledge of civil engineering system design methodologies and skills in their application. Ability to design systems for the maintenance of microclimate in buildings (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), smoke extraction and other engineering systems in compliance of special requirements defined in legal documents.
Ability to use technical and scientific literature for the completion of design tasks; to produce alternative solution versions and evaluate them in technical, economic and environmental terms. Ability to choose relevant solutions taking into account the building environment, restricting conditions, aesthetic and architectural aspects, economic factors and planned operational conditions.
Ability to combine traditional, new and original solutions and to integrate technical innovations and documented scientific achievements when designing civil engineering systems.
Ability to search for literature and collect and process data by using databases and other sources of information in the field of civil engineering systems. Ability to plan and carry out analytical modelling and experimental research in order to find rational solutions in the field of civil engineering systems.
Knowledge of the methods required to carry out research. Ability to plan and carry out experiments related to engineering thermophysics, microclimate of buildings and civil engineering systems. Ability to critically evaluate data obtained, as well as formulate and provide conclusions.
Knows required methods for performing the researches. Is able to plan and perform experiments related with building materials, c

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Minimum education - Higher education



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Kaunas University of Technology
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Provider phone number: +370-37-300000 Provider email: ktu@ktu.lt Provider URL: http://ktu.edu/

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Qualification Awarded:
Master of Building Engineering Systems
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Kaunas University of Technology

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Provider phone number: +370-37-300000 Provider email: ktu@ktu.lt Provider URL: http://ktu.edu/

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K. Donelaičio g. 73, Kaunas