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Learning Opportunity: Bioengineering, MS

Bioengineering, MS

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On completion of the study programme, the student shall be able to:

  • Demonstrate wide and general knowledge in life sciences including genetics, microbiology, biochemistryand molecular biology ,
  • Demonstrate wide and general knowledge in mathematics, statistics, computer science and physics to use in solving engineering problems.
  • Demonstrate extensive knowledge in specific scientific subjects of bioengineering such as protein engineering, bioprocesses, instrumentation and mass and thermal transport.
  • Place the latest knowledge in fields of bioengineering in context with theories and applications
  • Present knowledge acquired through own research in a specialized field of bioengineering
  • Discuss research and recent findings in bioengineering along with ethics in science


On completion of the study programme, the student shall be able to:

  • Apply scientific research methods and academic theories to develop projects and solve complex problems
  • Collect, analyze and evaluate scientific data and evaluate different research methods
  • Run specific laboratory devices with confidence and responsibility
  • Apply relevant software to analyze results and evaluate them statistically
  • Plan and execute individual experiments related to bioengineering and analyzed the results scientifically


On completion of the study programme, the student shall be able to:

  • Make decisions on a professional basis and justify them
  • Discuss, explain and present bioengineering issues and communicate both with scholars as well as general audience
  • use acquired knowledge and learning skills for further studies and be responsible for own professional development
  • plan, initiate and manage group work or individual projects

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