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Qualification: Basic vocational training

Basic vocational training

Qualification Information

Type of qualification

This qualification is a basic vocational training scheme at a vocational school. The aim of attendance at full-time vocational school for a period of one year is the acquisition of specialism-related basic vocational training. Such a year opens up vocationally related and general basic knowledge and skills to foster employability skills and supports young people in the development of their own learning techniques and learning strategies in order to facilitate access for them to the training and labour market and prepare them in this regard. Competences acquired are aligned towards the occupational skills imparted in the first year of training in recognised training occupations and may be credited towards training. 

Attendance at full-time vocational school for a period of one year for the purpose of acquiring basic vocational training fully maps the first year of training in terms of theory and practice. On the theoretical side, curricula are identical with the skeleton curricula for dual vocational education and training. In occupational practice, the contents of the general training plan are represented in the form of learning fields. Teaching in occupational practice takes place in fully equipped apprentice workshops, and some elements may also be organised within the form of a guided practical placement.

Those completing the qualification acquire basic vocational skills within a field of activity and acquire a lower secondary school leaving certificate via the second chance route. They are in possession of competences for the professional fulfilment of basic requirements within a clearly and stably structured area of learning or work. Fulfilment of tasks takes place largely under supervision.

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Public or state recognised vocational school

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No formal entry requirements

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Successful completion of training within the scope of the curriculum stipulated at a full-time vocational school. The final certificate includes entitlement to a lower secondary school leaving certificate or comparable school leaving qualification.