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Learning Opportunity: Bachelor of Social Services, Degree programme in Social Services

Bachelor of Social Services, Degree programme in Social Services

Course Information

The extent of the degree in Social Services is 210 credits, and it takes on average 3,5 years to complete. In line with the international ECTS standard, one credit corresponds with 26.7 hours of work for an average student.

Learning is made relevant to workplace development and the student's personal goals. The core competence modules (150 cr) correspond with the compulsory competence requirements of the degree, while the complementary modules (60 cr) allow you to deepen or extend your competence. The studies comprise basic studies, professional studies, optional studies, practical studies and a thesis.

Learning outcomes have been specified for the modules. In practice, you attain credits when you complete study units that are part of the module or engage in projects in which you develop the corresponding competence area. You can also gain credits through recognition of prior learning or demonstrations.

The modules have been designed so that they can mainly be completed in the course of one or two semesters.

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3,5 vuotta




210 ECTS credits

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Laurea-ammattikorkeakoulu, Laurea Tikkurila
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09 8868 7301
09 8868 7300
Ratatie 22, 01300, VANTAA

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Sosionomi (AMK)
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The studies in the Degree Program in Social Services are conducted in close co-operation with the Uusimaa region social services operators and service providers in different working life related projects. In this way, the students get well connected with the social services working life partners already during their studies.

The Degree Programme in Social Services provides students with the expertise to work in a variety of professional social work environments and wider society. Graduates are able to recognise, analyse and meet the service needs of individuals, families and communities and promote their social security, participation, and well-being. In the process of familiarizing themselves with different work environments during practical work placements, students will develop their professional competences and networking skills. Graduates from the programme will have the opportunity to work in organizations or as entrepreneurs, promoting social welfare in the public, private and third sectors. Studies at Laurea Tikkurila focus on multicultural and multiprofessional competencies, creating proactive future professionals who are able to positively influence society in cooperation with clients and other actors. The degree programme balances the requirements of educating qualified social welfare workers for the Finnish labor market while also giving students qualifications to work abroad. The entrance examination includes a Finnish language proficiency test. All applicants for the Degree Programmes in Nursing and Social Services are required to have Finnish language skills corresponding to level B1 (Common European Framework of Reference). Link to the CEFR for languages: https://europass.cedefop.europa.eu/en/resources/european-language-levels-cefr

Course Locations

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Ratatie 22, 01300, VANTAA