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Qualification: Bachelor of Science in Food Technology

Bachelor of Science in Food Technology

Qualification Information

Food Technology

– to have in-depth qualitative as well as quantitative insight in the technical aspects of food products (chemical, biochemical, physicochemical, microbiological, technological and nutritional aspects).
– to be familiar with the different aspects of product quality (food safety, nutritional value, sensorial quality, relation between food and health, image) and to know the techniques to integrate these aspects.
– to understand qualitatively as well as quantitatively the different phenomena which affect food products during the production process, the preservation and the preparation of food as well as side products, combined with the implication on the different quality aspects and ways to manage this quality.
– to understand the effects of non-technical aspects (i.e. the consumer, ethics, health, law, economics, durability) on the production chain of food products.
– to have management and economical insight in order to be able to place the contribution of a process or a solution to a problem in a broader context.
– to be able to conduct research in food technology and food articles and to be able to perform relevant analysis.

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