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Qualification: Bachelor of Humanities in Theology and Religion Science (LU)

Bachelor of Humanities in Theology and Religion Science (LU)

Qualification Information

The goal of the Bachelor of Theology and Religious Studies Programme is to enable students to acquire the basic knowledge and key methodological skills and competencies in theology and religious studies.

The following objectives have been set forth for the programme to achieve this goal:
- to guide students in the study process, so that they would be able to master and demonstrate basic knowledge and its critical understanding in theology and religious studies, specifically in Biblical studies, systematic theology, practical theology, religious education and spiritual care, study of world religions, sociology and anthropology of religion;
- to support students in undergraduate studies, developing in students the following skills:
- to perform independent research in the relevant scientific sub-discipline, analyse challenging issues related to the relevant field, handle broad range of academic literature in a scholarly and critical manner, as well as systematically present and reasonably argue for their scientific proposals.

As a result of implementation of the programme, specialists in theology and religious studies with a Bachelor’s degree are prepared, who are capable of demonstrating basic knowledge of the latest theories and conceptions in the field of theology and religious studies and the main methodological skills thereof, and who are able to independently gather, critically assess and use the relevant information sources.

The Bachelor of Theology and Religious Studies Programme is a first-level higher education programme in the respective scientific discipline, successfully graduating from which, students earn the Bachelor of Arts in Theology and Religious Studies degree, entitling them to continue studies in Master’s or professional study programmes at a higher level.

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Awarding body: 

- University of Latvia

Awarding body contact info: 

Tālr.: 67034301,67034700,67034600
Fakss: 67034513,67820113
E-pasts: lu@lu.lv

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Access requirements: 

Certificate of general secondary education or Diploma of vocational secondary education

Ways to acquire: 

Formal (through education programmes)