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Qualification: Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Counselling and Psychotherapy

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Counselling and Psychotherapy

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Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Counselling and Psychotherapy

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240 Major

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Quality and Qualifications Ireland

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For the modules Counselling Skills-Introduction, Counselling Skills II-Therapeutic Relationship, Psychotherapy Skills I-Psychodynamic and Clinical Supervision I and Psychotherapy Skills II-Integrative and Clinical Supervision II special regulations apply in that it is required that a learner pass each component of assessment.

Learners are required to have attended personal psychotherapy weekly and to have this vertified by the practitioner.

Learners must verify with written doc that they have been in their own psychotherapy with a reputable practitioner for the duration of the years 2, 3 and 4 of the programme. Failure to adequately verify engagement in their own psychotherapy meeting the requirements of the programme with a reputable practitioner will prevent the learner from graduating from the programme.

Note: 0 Semester = Linear modules delivered over two Semesters