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Qualification: Bachelor of Artificial Planting

Bachelor of Artificial Planting

Qualification Information

Access to professional activity:
Artificial planting vocational bachelor graduates:
will be able to set up their own businesses and to conduct their business, set up different profile nurseries, providing planting material to domestic and foreign markets, applying new scientific knowledge in professional activities;
will be able to work in the fields of supervising various private and public companies; greenery making structures and landscaping and horticulture services;
will be be able to work in ornamental plant nurseries, botanical gardens, local government institutions and ornamental plants , parks and green areas of care.
will be able to plan and manage green environment, select assortment of decorative plants greenery installed ;
will be able to work in a team and work in groups, to make decisions and respond for them to cooperate with domestic and foreign partners and competitors
Access to further study:
After completing the study program graduates can continue their studies in Lithuania and other countries in higher education, which is recognized in accordance with Lithuania: ASU (Greenery, agronomy, forestry, etc.). Gediminas Technical University (environmental engineering), Klaipeda University (landscape planning and environmental studies, ecology and environmental science) and continue their studies in foreign universities.

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Klaipeda State College

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