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Learning Opportunity: Atmosphere Sciences

Atmosphere Sciences

Course Information

The degree programme Atmosphere Sciences deals with the nature and the processes of the atmo-, hydro-, cryo- and lithosphere.
The bachelor programme contains on one hand compulsory modules in mathematics 1,2,3, physics 1,2, introduction to atmosphere, introduction to chemistry and geophysics, instrument studies and basic practical training, radiation, micrometeorology, thermodynamics, synoptic meteorology 1, 2 programming, Alps and Europe, geoinformation 1, remote sensing, solid earth, gases and aerosols and climate, glaciology, hydrology. On the other hand students can broaden their knowledge in the elective subjects. There they can choose either the module gender research or interdisciplinary competences. But it is also possible to choose the module “practice” and to do a subject-relevant work placement in a non-university institution to put their knowledge and skills to the test and to apply them in practice. The programme concludes with a bachelor thesis.

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Atmosphere Sciences
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6 Semester / 180 ECTS*


6 Semester / 180 ECTS*

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University of Innsbruck

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Bachelor of Science, BSc