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Qualification: Archival Studies, Minor

Archival Studies, Minor

Qualification Information

Knowledge and understanding


- are familiar with the main aspects of records management and archival studies

- are familiar with the basic working methods in records management

- are familiar with the development of records management and administration

- are familiar with the principle of provenance

- are familiar with the fundamentals of evaluating primary sources

- are familiar with the methods used in contemporary records management

- are familiar with the processing of electronic records/sources

- are familiar with the primary functions of archives


Practical and theoretical skills


- understand the value of records as sources for research purposes

- know how to locate sources in archives

- are comfortable with primary sources and able to use them in their own research

- are able to read handwriting from the period 1500-1900

- are familiar with the use of catalogues in archives

- are able to compile a professional bibliography of primary sources

- are familiar with the ordering of archives and compilation of inventories

- understand the role of a records manager in public institutions and private companies

- are able to design work processes for contemporary records management

- are able to explain the primary functions of archives


Communication skills


- are independent and demonstrate initiative in their studies.

- are able to work with others on projects that count towards their grade

- are able to explain a chosen topic in written and spoken language

- are organised and able to meet deadlines

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Archival Studies

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