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Qualification: Archaeology, Minor

Archaeology, Minor

Qualification Information

1. Knowledge and understanding
1.1. Students possess knowledge of the fundamentals, theories and concepts of archaeology.
1.2. Students are acquainted with theoretical explanations.
1.3. Students have an understanding of the significance of cultural relics to scholarly discourse and contemporary identity.
1.4. Students have gained a general overview of the main aspects of the development of human society and Icelandic cultural history.
1.5. Students have an understanding of different viewpoints and approaches to researching the past.
1.6. Students are familiar with the principal research methods in archaeology and have some experience in conducting research in this field.
1.7. Students are aware of the importance of cultural relics in contemporary society and understand views concerning their preservation and use.

2. Practical and theoretical skills
2.1. Students are able to make use of archaeological sources and methodology in oral and written discussions.
2.2. Students are able to prepare, organise and complete projects based on processing archaeological sources.
2.3. Students have mastered the principal concepts and methods used in archaeological research and are familiar with theoretical discourse within the field.

3. Communication skills
3.1. Students are independent and demonstrate initiative in their studies.
3.2. Students are able to explain archaeological topics and substantiate their findings.
3.3. Students are able to work with others at solving archaeological challenges.
3.4. Students are able to use statistics and graphs and can use general software applications to acquiring knowledge and information.

4. General academic skills
4.1. Students have acquired the necessary academic skills to be able to undertake further studies.

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