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Learning Opportunity: Apprenticeship Courses (AC) of Apparel Modeller

Apprenticeship Courses (AC) of Apparel Modeller

Course Information

The Apprenticeship Courses are courses that confer double certification (school and professional) are developed in the network of Vocational Training Centers (CFP) of the Institute of Employment and Vocational Training, I.P. (IEFP, I.P.).

The development of these courses presupposes the conclusion of collaboration protocols with companies that are active and strategic partners in the dynamization of training responses, facilitating the alternation methodology, which is understood as the interaction between theoretical training and practical training and contexts In which they occur, and the practical training is distributed progressively throughout the course.

The curriculum matrix of the Apprenticeship Courses integrates the following training components: sociocultural, scientific, technological and practical.

This learning opportunity corresponds to the qualification of Apparel Modeller (542115)

Implement and adapt model moulds for garments, with a view to their manufacture.

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Operating regime:Daytime

Duration Information: 

Duração de 3625 horas.
De 2017-07-03 até 2020-01-31.

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Access requirements: 
  • Young people under the age of 25;
  • Young people who have completed the 9th year of schooling or higher, without completing the 12th year.
Admission Procedure: 

For information on the admission procedure, please contact the institution directly or consult information on the Institution's website.



Provider Information

Provider Name: 
Centro de Formação Profissional da Indústria Têxtil, Vestuário, Confecção e Lanifícios - MODATEX - Porto
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R. Prof. Augusto Nobre, 483

4150 - 119 PORTO



Phone: 226152500
Fax: 226103574

Qualifications Awarded

Reference Data

Qualification Awarded:
Apparel Modeller
Other Qualification Awarded Term:

The successful completion of a Apprenticeship Course gives a double certification - school and professional,through the issuance of:

  • a diploma of completion of the upper secondary level of education;
  • a level 4 qualification certificate.
Qualification awarded description:

Implement and adapt model moulds for garments, with a view to their manufacture.

Awarding body:

Agência Nacional para a Qualificação e o Ensino Profissional, I.P.

Awarding body contact info:

Agência Nacional para a Qualificação e o Ensino Profissional, I.P.

Av. 24 de Julho, n.º 138, 1399-026 Lisboa.

- Telefone: 21 394 37 00;

- Fax: 21 394 37 99;

- Email: anqep@anqep.gov.pt

Horário de atendimento ao público:

Todos os dias úteis das 10h30 às 12h30 e das 14h30 às 16h30.

Telefone: 21 394 37 00

Email de atendimento ao cidadão: pontodeinformacao@anqep.gov.pt

Course Locations

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Course address:

R. Prof. Augusto Nobre, 483

4150-119 Porto

Course location information: