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Qualification: Applied Health Promotion, Postgraduate Diploma

Applied Health Promotion, Postgraduate Diploma

Qualification Information

Knowledge. The student will: 

  • Know and understand the main concepts, theories, and research in the field of health promotion.
  • Recognise the different situations of groups in society and the diversity of the student body.
  • Know the fundamentals of health and well-being in the national curriculum and be able to use them in a variety of ways at school.
  • Know the theories connected to societal health promotion and methods of promoting health.
  • Know the research methods in the field and be aware of the ethical issues around research and fieldwork with people.

 Skills. The student will: 

  • Respect the different needs and various circumstances of a diverse group of students.
  • Be able to use their new, theoretical knowledge in the field while working with students and colleagues.
  • Be able to plan teaching and health promotion projects based on the theories of pedagogy and health promotions.
  • Be able to express him- or herself in a clear, concise manner orally and in writing at various levels about the challenges in the field.
  • Have developed discipline, initiative, critical thinking, and independent working methods that he or she can use in further study, research, or field work.

 Competences. The student will:

  • Be able to use theories, concepts, research results, and critical thinking to support professional resolutions.
  • Be able to address current issues in health promotion.
  • Show originality in developing ideas around the area of health promotion.
  • Be able to initiate research or development projects in his or her field of study, manage development projects and/or smaller research projects, and manage other’s individual or group work.
  • Be able to apply recognised methods of acquiring, evaluating, and interpreting data connected with health promotion.

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Applied Health Promotion

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