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Learning Opportunity: Anthropology, BA

Anthropology, BA

Course Information

Knowledge, ability and skills
At the conclusion of the program, the student can demonstrate knowledge, skills and ability as stated below:

1. Knowledge and understanding
1.1 The student possesses thorough knowledge of the basic ideas, theories and concepts of anthropology.
1.2 The student understands what a theoretical explanation is and the anthropological comparison.
1.3 The student has learned to apply a critical anthropological perspective and is familiar with theoretical debates on his/her own society and others.
1.4 The student has an overview of the main issues in the development of Homo sapiens and the history of human society as well as different types of society and the distinguishing features of Icelandic society.
1.5 The student has detailed knowledge of some of the particular fields within anthropology.
1.6 The student is familiar with the main research methods of anthropology and has a thorough understanding of qualitative methods.
1.7 The student understands the basic concepts of critiquing sources.
1.8 The student has an understanding of different perspectives in the research of mankind and human societies

2. Practical and theoretical ability
2.1 The student has adopted independent working methods and mastered anthropological discourse in written and oral presentation.
2.2 The student can apply the methods of anthropology in limited tasks.
2.3 The student has mastered professional skills in presenting written work.
2.4 The student can work independently and in an organized manner on delimited subjects within anthropology.
2.5 The student shows independence in defining and working with a delimited topic, through the critical use of theoretical sources.
2.6 The student can assess the quality of anthropological research.
2.7 The student can argue the importance of anthropological knowledge.
2.8 The student has learned and adapted a critical way of thinking.

3. Communication skills
3.1 The student is independent and shows initiative in solving limited anthropological problems.
3.2 The student can work in a group and direct the work of others.
3.3 The student can explain the subjects of anthropology publicly and provide reasoning for his/her conclusions. The student can write solid theoretical texts.
3.4 The student can take advantage of common software in searching for and gathering information.

4. General learning skills
4.1 The student has achieved the necessary learning skills to pursue further education.
4.2 The student has gained independence, an open mind and initiative which will be of use in education and employment.

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